Life after Calamity: Nepal

In April 2015, the earthquake that hit Nepal (magnitude 7.3) and the ensuing aftershock (magnitude 7.8) sent the country reeling. Political strife led to stagnation in the rebuilding process while bureaucratic red tape stalled international aid efforts for months. Even after a year, the vast majority of international aid funds have remain unused. Yet, despite the myriad of hardships and challenges from last year’s disaster, there is a great sense of resiliency and fortitude among its people. From Kathmandu to the far reaching mountain villages, the beautiful people of this country refuse to let calamity diminish their radiance and resolve.

Leading the wayWomen and water jugsNeighborhood in KathmanduPlaying chess in the town squareLeaving home earlyMother and daughter working the loom.After-school soccer at the foothills of the HimalayasFestivitiesTown hall meeting in the mountainsFeeding birds Sunrise in the alleySpinning wool to make thread for rugsMigrant workers at a brick kilnPreparing lunchMigrant worker from IndiaLighting butter lampsCrowdsBuildings supported by slanted beams in BhaktapurShepherd without sheep