Us Against Modernity: China

Over the past decade, China has seen unprecedented economic growth. High rises and construction cranes can be seen even in the remotest parts of the country. As a result, a great deal of people in China have benefited from the changes to the country’s economy. But not everyone welcomes this change. Some people, primarily in the older generation, prefer the traditional ways of living that they have been accustomed to for so long. This photo story focuses on the divide between these two worlds and the few people who still choose to resist the encroachment of modernity. 


A farmer tends to his family plot. Each person grows enough for his own family to eat.Dividing line between the old city and the newAn inflatable playscape is set up in the center of a small village to provide young children a safe place to play, as there are no spaces available for building playgroundsA sign that reads 'give me back my home', written by the previous owner of this home who was forced to relocate to make way for a highrise going up here next month Waiting for the busA young father and his daughter standing inside their unfinished house.  A 82 year old monk who claims that modern China has strayed far from the values that the country was built uponHigh rises are even being built in some of the most rural communities High walls Riding the busThe imposing skyline of modern China