Typhoon Soudelor: Saipan

In August 2015, the Northern Marianas Islands were devastated by Typhoon Soudelor, a Category 5 storm with over 200 kph winds. The island of Saipan was especially affected, having lost power and critical infrastructure. A state of emergency was declared shortly after the typhoon hit, as many people were without homes or access to relief. Typhoon relief shelters were set up all throughout the island as people scrambled to find basic amenities and respite.

Power poles knocked down in the center of the major tourist districtRoad in Kagman village  Shelter life Joe Rios, a man whose roof and four walls all blew away.  Most of the shelters only ran generators for a few hours during the day. Most of the time, people resorted to their own devices to stay cool. Makeshift roofing   Music is often heard throughout the shelter and one of the few things that brings about joy School grounds Young men playing basketball to pass the time at the shelter  FEMA provisions  Many people chose to move into different friends' homes instead of the shelters Shelter life